10 thoughts on “ALONE IN THE CROWD !!

  1. I feel this blog closely.. Its well written and perfectly potrayed by Urvashi..
    You are right when you say that u dont feel u belong to the crowd.. and the crowd misunderstand it to be your rude behavior.. They dont understand this that the introvert person needs time to gel up and once they do feel warm with you, they the most approachable (just a call away kind). So i feel the world should learn not to judge the introverts and label them with arrogant, attitude adjectives and they should be given time to sink in with the crowd and feel welcome.

  2. Something about which still awareness among individuals is less. I am so glad that this topic has been picked up by you guys and so well written and portrayed in the pictures. Amazingly conceptualised… Loved it!!

  3. Nicely written as per each picture… Alone in crowd is 100% true.. While reading this article, my past memories came to my mind. Good job done by everyone.

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